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DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree – Top Easy Kid Craft Design For Party Decor Project

Supplies: Old wine corks [recomend colorful type] Old plastic button Chrismas decor ribbon Christmas tag & wire [optional] 1 tree branch Hot glue gun & hot glue Hand saw Instruction: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post Using hand-saw to cut out 1 1/2 inches of your tree branch to make the trunk. Hot…

7-easy-diy-felt-flower-methods-homemade-craft-decor-project-top-design-idea (5)

7 Easy DIY Felt Flower Methods – Homemade Craft Decor Project & Top Design Idea

1. Image from: 2. Image from: 3. Image from: 4. Image from: Click on Arrow Button to read full post 5. Image from: 6. Image from: 7.


Valentine Burlap Gift Bag – Easy Homemade Holiday Kid Craft DIY Project Ideas

Supplies: Pre-made burlap gift bags (or you can make you own) Heart stencil Paint Paint brushes Glitter *optional Twine *optional Instruction: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post I found these cute little pre-made burlap bags at Michael’s right after Christmas. I love that they are blank because you can do any kind of…


Peppermint Gummy Snail – Easy & Fun Christmas Kid DIY Craft Project Ideas

Ingredient Large gumdrops Small gumdrops Peppermint candies Licorice twists Nonpareil Instruction Click on Arrow Button to read full post   These mushrooms were created by joining a red gumdrop to a white spice drop. Yellow sour gumdrops make up the polka dots on the top. These slowpokes can't wait for the holiday rush to be…


DIY Olaf Inspirational Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe – Easy Kid Art Craft Project Ideas

Supplies: Ten wine/champagne corks Acrylic paints and brushes Felt - light brown for Sven's antlers, black for Olaf's twigs Fabric Glue Instruction: Click on Arrow Button to read full post Simply paint five corks white and five corks brown and leave aside to dry. To create Olaf, paint on the eyes, eyebrows and buttons with…


Easy Rustic Star Christmas Tree Ornament – Cool Kid Craft Project DIY Party Ideas

Supplies: Twigs Jute Hot glue gun and sticks Instruction: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post First off you want to gather your twigs. I bought a bundle from the craft store that were all cut to the same length. Bundle 5 bunches of (5) twigs each together. Using 2 of your bunches, dab the…

top-16-family-christmas-pictures-creative-new-year-eve-image-photography-idea (4)

Top 16 Family Christmas Pictures – Creative New Year Eve Image Photography Idea

1. Source: 2. Source: 3. Source: 4. Source: 5. Source: 6. Source: 7. Source: 8. Source: 9. Source: 10. Source: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post 11. Source: 12. Source: 13. Source: 14. Source: 15. Source: 16. Source:…


Glitter Light Bulb Christmas Tree Ornament – Cool Easy Kid Craft DIY Decor Ideas

Supplies: Modge podge Glitter Spray paint clear sealer Ribbon Glue Instruction: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post Cover light bulb with modge podge, then glitter. Spray the glittering light bulb with spray paint clear sealer to help the glitter stick down securely. Using Christmas ribbon to make hanging string & make a bow…


DIY Gothic Halloween Wreath – Top Easy Kid Craft Idea & Decor Design Project

Supplies: Foam wreath form Black fabric – about 1/2 yard Lace and trims White satin – about 1/4 yard Buttons Small Frame for Cameo (Mine came from Michaels) Cameo image – click here to download Instruction: Click on Arrow Button to read full post   Begin by cutting your black fabric into strips, about 4″…

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