DIY Arachnophobia Halloween Wreath – Top Easy Party Decor & Design Project

  1. Create a bunch of ombre coffee filters by watering down black acrylic paint and dipping a bunch of coffee filters in the paint. For darker colors use less water and lighter colors more water.
  2. Allow to air dry or pop in a 250 degree oven for about 20 minutes.
  3. After they are dry, create the filter flowers, using whatever method you are familiar with.
  4. Add glitter using a paint brush and some Modge Podge. Create at least 4 big flowers and few smaller ones.
  5. Hot glue the flowers onto the wreath.
  6. Add spider webbing by cutting a small portion off, stretching the webbing out, and attaching it to the wreath. I attached it by catching the webbing on the twigs.
  7. Attach spiders with hot glue and then hang!

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