DIY New Year Spring Lantern – Happy Chinese Holiday Kid Craft DIY Ideas

  1. Stick 3 pieces of double-sided tape along the edges of the black card. 2 pieces along the long edges and 1 along the short.
  2. Peel off the backing tape and roll the card into a cylinder. Attach the short sides together. Make sure the tape on either end of the cylinder is facing out.
  3. Cut the streamer into approximately 25cm strips. The width of the streamer will determine how many strips you will need. For this project, 33 streamers were required
  4. Begin by sticking a strip to each end of the cylinder. Start on the seam of the black card. This way you will ensure that the first streamer is laid straight.
  5. Stick on another piece of streamer in the same way, but this time, overlap the edges.
  6. Overlap by about half the width of the streamer.
  7. Repeat all the way around the cylinder. Punch 2 holes into the top of the lantern and tie a loop of string to hang the lantern.

Optional: decorate the top and bottom of the lantern using tassels, ribbon, curling ribbon, sequins etc.

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