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Aruba is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, located about 1,600 kilometres west of the Lesser Antilles and 29 kilometres north of the coast of Venezuela.

It measures 32 kilometres (20 mi) long from its northwestern to its southeastern end and 10 kilometres (6 mi) across at its widest point.

Unlike much of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate and an arid, cactus-strewn landscape. This climate has helped tourism as visitors to the island can reliably expect warm, sunny weather. It has a land area of 179 km2 (69.1 sq mi) and is densely populated, with a total of 102,484 inhabitants at the 2010 Census. It lies outside the hurricane belt.


Eagle Beach in Aruba is one of the most breathtaking beaches on the island. Eagle Beach boasts the widest beach in Aruba and is famous for its pristine and soft white sands. Eagle Beach offers a clear, sparkling Caribbean, ample parking, shaded picnic areas, some huts, and a variety of motorized water sports.

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Famous Fofoti trees at Eagle Beach Aruba
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A few months per year Aruba Eagle Beach is dotted with red and white markers to protect turtle nests. The turtles hatch mostly around sunset and at night. Four species of sea turtles nest in Aruba – Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill. Turtles can have their nest anywhere on the island, however most nests can be found on Eagle Beach in Aruba. Each nest contains some 80 eggs. Watching the hatchlings find their way to the ocean conquering the sand and waves is a unique vacation experience in Aruba.

Several of the Aruba low rise hotels are nearby and just across the road; some provide cabanas and lounges for their guests. Every year during Easter week in Aruba, tents dot the coastline as local families enjoy the tradition of camping out.

Eagle Beach is also home to two of the most photographed and renowned fofoti trees in Aruba, with its trademark silhouette pointing in the direction of the Caribbean. These trees have been starring in various Aruba advertising campaigns as unique and highly recognizable features. The trees are extremely popular to serve as a backdrop for wedding photo sessions and tourist snap shots of this pristine Aruba beach.

During weekends Aruba beach tennis fanatics play their tennis games in the powdery white sands of Eagle Beach. It’s great fun to watch and participate in this popular local sport.

Famous Baby Beach in Aruba is a true Caribbean beach paradise. Baby Beach is a gorgeous half-moon sandy expanse in a calm lagoon. The waters are shallow making it a prime beach destination for families with children. Swimmers can wade out for a long distance and still touch the sea bottom. Baby Beach is also a perfect location for snorkeling in Aruba. Where the bay opens out to the Caribbean Sea, snorkelers will behold a colorful kaleidoscope of coral and tropical fish.

There are strong currents outside the lagoon. Therefore snorkelers are strongly advised to stay within the marked snorkeling area.

Baby Beach offers a refreshment stand. Beach beds, windscreens and snorkel gear are available at a rental fee. Complimentary huts are placed throughout the beach to protect you from the sun. Closeby is a local dive shop* offering snorkel and dive gear rentals, a shower, bar & grill.

Baby Beach is located in Seroe Colorado at the southeastern end of Aruba. This area was once known as “The Colony” because executives and their families lived in a gated community during the bustling half-century operation of the Lago Refinery.

Driving to Baby Beach by car from the Aruba high rise hotel area in Palm Beach takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

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