Easy DIY Thanksgiving Wreath – Best Home Decor Project for Kid Craft Ideas



  • 1 med/large grape vine wreath
  • 6 bunches of fake fall leaves
  • 9 stems fresh Craspedia
  • 3 fake Black-capped Chickadees suitable for use in floral design [optional]
  • Scissors (or garden shears)

Fall Wreath 11


  1. Begin by pushing your “leaves” up on the “stem” so you can gather them together and make ’em pretty! Then, trim the “stem” so it’s just 2″-3″ long from the base of the leaf cluster.
  2. Insert your bunches of fake leaves into the wreath, being sure to space them out. If you wedge them between the vines, they should be quite secure!
  3. Next, trim the stems of your Craspedia to about 3″ and insert them in bunches of three around your wreath.
  4. Last, place your Chickadees around the wreath and secure them by wrapping their wire around the vines.

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