Funny Faces Easter Egg – Good & Cheap April Holiday Party Kid Craft DIY Ideas

  1. Cut a 1″-wide ring from a cardboard tube. Cut a strip of paper 1″ wide and long enough to wrap around tube. Glue paper around tube.
  2. Decorate stands by gluing rickrack along one edge of each. For king, cover cardboard in patterned paper and attach a button with glue. For partygoer, make a bow tie: Cut a strip of paper 2″ x 1/4″. Gently bend ends of strip back so they meet in middle; glue. Wrap a small strip of paper around middle to complete bow; glue. Attach bow to top edge of stand with a dab of glue. For bunny, cover stand in white paper. Glue a pompom for the bunny’s tail.


  1. Cut a strip of paper, 2″ x 1/2″. Cut a jagged edge along one side of strip. Glue ends together. Attach crown to egg with a dab of glue.


  1. Invert cup onto paper and trace around. Cut out circle, then fold in half; cut along fold.
  2. Roll a half circle into a cone and apply glue to seam. Glue a pompom to tip. Attach cone to egg with glue.


  1. Cut a strip of white paper about 5″ x 1/3″. Glue ends together to form a ring. Cut two ears, about 2″ x 3/8″ each, out of white card stock. Glue inner ears to outer ears, then glue both ears to ring. Glue ring to egg. For whiskers, cut two 1″ pieces of white floral wire and crisscross them. Glue to egg. Glue a tiny pink pompom where wires intersect.

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