Inner Thigh Fitness In 3 Days [Day 3] – Motivation Women Home Work Out Routine

Day 3

1. Leg Swings
A great warmup move, this also works the inner thighs.

Stand with the feet together, arms out wide. Raise your right leg out to the side, balancing on your left foot.
Swing the right leg in front of the left, and then swing it back out to the side.
Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps, and then repeat with the left leg.

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2. Ball Pass
Although this move targets your abs, squeezing a ball between your legs also works your inner thighs. Here’s a video demonstrating this effective move.

Lie on your back, holding the ball with straight arms lifted toward the ceiling; raise your legs toward the ceiling too.
Keep your lower back pressed into the floor as you lower the ball above your head and your legs toward the floor.
Return to starting position, and switch the ball so you’re holding it between your feet.
Lower your feet to the floor, reaching your arms overhead. Return to starting position.
This counts as one rep. Complete two sets of 10 reps.

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3. Towel Runs
These two variations will target abs and legs, including your inner thighs.

First, take two small towels and fold them into squares. Place on a slick surface like a wooden floor. Step on them with the balls of your feet.
Place your hands on the ground and drive your right leg back. Quickly switch so your right leg is in front and your left leg is back (like you are doing mountain climbers).
Do eight reps on each leg.
For even more inner-thigh targeting, do this variation:

In a low squat position on the towels, turn your right knee out so it is pointing in a diagonal.
Drive your left knee back toward a corner so it is diagonal from your right knee.
Quickly switch legs and repeat for a total of eight reps per leg.

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4. Crossover Lunge With Medicine Ball
Use this exercise to tone the lower glutes as well as the inner thighs. Adding arm work makes this a time-saving full-body move.

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart, holding a medicine ball.
Take a large step diagonally forward with your left foot, planting it at the 11 o’clock position. Sink down until your thighs form right angles. Keep the medicine ball stable.
Extend your legs, then lift your left knee and bring it in toward your chest. Step back with your left leg, this time lunging behind your torso and stepping back to the 8 o’clock position as you sink down into the reverse lunge. This completes one rep. Complete your set, then switch sides.
A set equals 15 to 20 reps on each leg. Do two sets.

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Repeat all these moves for 45 minutes, rest in 15 minutes then 45 minutes, rest 15′. Then you are done for day 3, congrats! May the sexy body be with you!

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