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Aussies love their BBQs so much that we even take them camping with us! But don’t worry about manhandling your old BBQ into the back of your 4WD, because there are some really great portable options on the market that are ideal for camping and very affordable.


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If you are wondering about storing these portable BBQs in the back of your Ute or 4WD, then again you don’t need to worry, because you can simply install a 4×4 BBQ slide and you will be good to go. So let’s look at some of these portable BBQs and why they might be perfect for your next camping trip.

Zimba Lotus Grill

If you want a smokeless BBQ grill, then check out this number by Zimba. It’s the perfect size for storing in the back of your 4WD on a 4×4 BBQ slide and it’s very easy to keep clean. It operates by using charcoal packed inside a canister that’s lit with lighter fluid. You simply place the canister inside the grill and under the grill plate, where a battery powered fan heats the charcoal, and Bob’s your uncle! One awesome, smokeless BBQ to order! If it’s knocked over, nothing spills except the food, because the charcoal and lighter fluid are kept safe inside the canister, and since it’s double walled, it’s not too hot to pick up or stand on your picnic table.


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Jamie Oliver Big Boy BBQ

Even if it was useless, this Big Boy BBQ is a joy to behold! Thankfully, it’s a great piece of kit that uses charcoal for cooking, has a curved grill that prevents food from falling onto the coals, and with a decent size grill, it’s big enough for steak, burgers or sausages for a family of four. This is a tough little BBQ that has an adjustable ventilation system and easily fits on top of a bench or looks just as good on your patio at home.


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Ziegler & Brown Portable Grill

Available in fire engine red, black or charcoal grey, this portable grill operates on LP gas and with a high roll-back hood can cook anything from steaks, chops, sausages and burgers to whole chickens and the Sunday roast. The hood can be twisted right underneath the grill, it’s easy to clean and you can buy accessories for it: hot plate, stand and a trivet kit. Storing it in the back of your 4WD won’t be a problem, just install a deep enough drawer and a 4×4 BBQ slide to give you easy access.


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Gasmate Rio BBQ


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If you want a non-stick BBQ with a large cooking area that is easy to clean, comes with both ribbed and flat hotplates, and operates on LP gas, then this little number has your name on it. The hood even includes a heat gauge with temperature controls for BBQ connoisseurs, detachable drip tray, rotary ignition, cool-to-touch handle, and it’s ready to go in seconds. You can use it as a table-top BBQ or place it on the stand that’s provided, but however you use it, it’s an outdoor grill with all the bells and whistles – just don’t forget the 4×4 BBQ slide and you are all set for the best camping trip ever!


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