Top Reasons Your Home Needs Tile Flooring

How to Choose the Best Tiles

Tiles are beautiful, there is no denying this.

But, how beautiful they look depends on how you play with them!

Yes, with a little extra creativity and some hard work finding the best tiles, you can have your home look the best.


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What are the rules to follow while selecting tiles? They all just look beautiful enough as they are, how do you decide which one is the best for you?

Or, if the design doesn’t matter much to you, what else is it in a tile that you should be looking for?

Well, honestly, there are rules. And, there are some guidelines.

But, in case you don’t have any sound understanding of design, or just want to have it easy, here we have broken down everything for you in the form of simple tips.

Here is a list of top tips to keep in mind while selecting your tiles.


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Size of the Tile as Compared to the Size of Your Room

Not all of us know this but large tiles make a room feel larger and airier.

Thus, it is suggested that you use floor tiles on the walls. How will this help? This will make the space seem more cohesive. However, please note that you can’t go the other way round.

Floor tiles have a harder glaze and are manufactured using harder materials to withstand traffic.

On the flip side, light-coloured tiles make the space feel bigger in small rooms.

Color of the Tiles

Color of the tiles can totally make or break the look.

It’s essential that you have a vision on your mind before you select the tiles or finalize the designs.


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You should know what you want the room or space to look like at the end.

Imagine the general feel you want to achieve in the room you are tiling – subtle and pleasing or loud and expressive?

Tiles complement the other things in the room. It can be your furniture as well. Plus, tiles can even define the mood.

Having subtle design tiles all around can relax you. Tiles of your favorite color can instantly lift your mood. On the other hand, tiles of a color you hate can ruin your day, if you are already in a bad mood. They do have a psychological effect!

For a restful relaxing setting, choose colours that blend well together. For a more vibrant look, colors can be dark and loud. Again your call, but they must look good when viewed together.


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The Hardness or the Strength of the Tiles

Depending on how often the area is walked upon, you need to select tiles with the right hardness.

Weak or easily breakable tiles won’t be a good pick for high movement areas such as the kitchen.

Likewise, you also need to decide whether the tiles are for the floor or the walls.

Although, it doesn’t make much of a difference and floor tiles can be used on walls as well, but it’s important to make sure that the floor tiles are hard or strong enough to withstand frequent movement.

Are the Tiles Slip Resistant?

The slip resistance of the tiles becomes very important while you are selecting tiles for areas that are likely to be wet.

For instance, the tiles in your bathroom as well as the area adjoining the yard must not be very slippery.

Likewise, you should Install non-skid tiles in the kitchen.

Also, for high traffic areas of the home, choose dark colors such as gold or brown as tough scratches and stains don’t get noticed instantly or easily with them.
You can also use glossy tiles for the walls, since they are extremely easy to clean and low maintenance.


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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

While selecting tiles for various parts of your home, it is important that you understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

For instance, you should consider picking large tiles for living rooms while smaller tiles could be chosen for bedrooms and guest rooms.

Also, if you already have tiles in a region, you should make sure that the new ones are color coordinated with the old ones.

This will enhance the decor and make your home look symmetrical and in synch with the design principles.


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Choose the Right Grout

Choosing the right grout is as important as choosing the tiles themselves.

A school of thought believes that it is good to use contrast grouting.

However, it’s suggested that you use the grout that complements or matches the color of the tile.

Have thin grout lines and make them as less visible as possible. The idea is that a contrasting emphasises lines and the design, but a grout in a complementary colour as the tile delivers a subtle effect.

Gloss or Matte?

Whether you want to choose glossy tiles or matte ones, it is totally your choice.

However, you should know that glossy tiles are easy to clean and stay new-like for a longer time period.

Gloss tiles are ideal for dark spaces as they reflect more light. Plus, gloss tiles give a shiny, squeaky clean appearance, which is something you could fall in love with.

But, gloss tiles can be slippery, while matte tiles are safer to walk upon.


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These were the top tips to keep in mind while going for tile shopping.

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Tiles could be one of the best choices you make for your home. If you want a hassle-free experience with decor in the long run, tiles are the way to go. Low maintenance, and yet extremely classy, graceful and beautiful!


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